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Top 5 ice cream places in omaha

May 9, 2018

Hot dry summer days are around the corner and your craving for ice cream increases as the days go by. Luckily in Omaha there’s a variety of places you can choose from for every different taste of ice cream you’re in the mood for.
eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato
Located in the heart of the Dundee on the corner making it quite difficult to miss with the huge windows that displays the bright green and red shop. This family friendly shop has over 16 different flavors which include vegan flavors that rotate daily to choose from. Containing Omaha’s #1 vanilla, $2 single scoops Tuesdays and dairy free ice cream ecreamery has something for everyone.
Ted and Wally’s Premium Homemade Ice Cream
Established in 1984 in the old market ted and wally stands in a pastel yellow building on the corner. Entering the shop, you see big neon signs, vintage pieces and an outdoor deck as well. They sell distinct amount of ice cream that caters to everyone such as vegan, low carb/low sugar, frozen yogurts and sherbets. If you’re not in the mood for those options, you can pick up a soda or a float. The shop is totally Instagram worthy.
Coneflower Creamery
Placed in the Blackstone district in a brick building this small shop contains handcrafted cones, ice cream and sprinkles. Locally grown and made coneflower offers a taste of Nebraska while supporting local farms. Their mission is to make the best and original ice cream while using the freshest ingredients. The atmosphere is organic and friendly, it makes you come back for more.
Goodrich Ice Cream
Inside or alongside of subway Goodrich ice cream has its many ice cream flavors. After eating your sandwich, you can treat yourself to a sweet dessert such as a malt, shake or just a simple waffle cone there’s something to satisfy your taste buds. Start saving up your change because every Wednesday they offer waffle cones for $1.99 at select Goodrich locations. This conveniently placed ice cream shop is overlooked but definitely worth checking out.

Cold Stone Creamery
Cold Stone has various locations around Omaha that could easily be found. The fire hydrant red letters and d├ęcor stands out from other buildings. Cold Stone lets you build your own concoction or you choose a simple flavor. This franchise offers thick creamy flavors of ice cream such as Oreo overload and apple pie a la cold stone. If you’re in the mood for a drink you can pick up a frappe or even a cake for birthdays. There’s something for everyone to make and to satisfy everyone’s needs.

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