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Fun and Fit: JCC

Fun and Fit: JCC

May 10, 2018

Frequently overlooked, the Jewish Community Center’s Fitness Center is a state of the art facility that is a great value. Opened in 1925, the “J” has continued to serve Omaha’s Jewish and non-Jewish communities to maintain a healthy life style.

Members have access to almost all of the facilities and services, including the 20,000 square Phil Sokolf Fitness Center. This state of the art facility has the equipment for a plethora of activities. Members can mix up the usual routine of running and lifting with the swimming, cycling, or playing other sports. It is open from 5 A.M. to 10 P.M.

Beyond the fitness center with its newly updated machines, the Jewish Community Center has all of the athletic necessities. There are basketball, volleyball, tennis, and racquetball courts scattered across the twenty-acre campus as well as a full baseball diamond. The crown jewel in the campus is the newly remodeled aquatic center that will open in June 2018. With a lazy river, waterslide, and new lap pool, everyone will find something to enjoy.

Countless programs are also offered with membership. Nearly seventy classes are taught weekly at no charge to members. Fitness assessments are also offered every six months at no charge.

For new athletes, there are introductory courses with staff members that teach how to use machines and help tailor a work out for the individual. Teenagers are required to take an orientation, which helps establish a routine for a healthier life. This routine consist of a mixture of aerobics and lifting.

The environment encourages newcomers to fitness due to its non-intimidating nature. Members go to the Jewish Community Center to become better and work on their own fitness. There are relatively few show offs or intimidating gym-goers, in comparison to other metro gyms. The calm atmosphere works for teenagers and strong athletes alike.

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