Senior Jacy Dundee signs with Bellevue University

May 16, 2018

Although she lived most of her early life outside of Nebraska, Jacy Dundee is excited to pursue her soccer career at Bellevue University. She made the commitment to attend Bellevue alongside seven other athletes who signed their way to college athletics on April 11th.
Dundee has played many sports in the past, including volleyball and basketball in addition to soccer. Her athletic past led her to search for scholarship money within these sports. Her interest was sparked by the assured scholarship money, but after visiting, she was allured by the beauty of the campus. “I visited the college and I just really liked the campus and the learning environment” Dundee said.
Although Bellevue university was her only offer for scholarships, Dundee learned a lot about soccer through playing for Central and knew that she wanted to continue in college regardless of who offered her money. “I feel like coach Vargas really opened up my soccer IQ” Dundee said, “He has really taught me a lot”. Because of his teachings, Dundee feels confident in her abilities at the collegiate level.
Throughout her Central soccer career, Dundee has seen Casey Denton as an inspiration and role model, “She’s a beast at soccer” Dundee said. Overall, through the help of this inspiration and the beneficial coaching styles at Central, Dundee has learned how to dedicate herself through playing soccer, among many other sports. “I’ve learned how to work hard for what I want and how to work well with others through soccer” Dundee said. “I think I’m ready to take this next step”.
To continue her soccer career, she has learned that she has to express herself in the way she always has: with dignity. “I’ve always been mature my entire life and I’m responsible” Dundee said, “I’ve taken the steps to get me to where I am now and I’m ready for college soccer.”

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