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Greta Bullerdick

September 7, 2018

“Volleyball for me, surprisingly enough, has always been a stress reliever even though that’s hard to believe when I’m biting my nails from anxiety due to tight points. I’ve always played volleyball, it’s always came before any other sport I’ve played and its always been my sport. It’s hard to imagine not playing volleyball or trying to picture myself ever letting go of it. I would really love to continue playing in high school then into college. Working hard in every practice every day doesn’t feel great but once It’s over its all worth it. Getting to play with girls I more than admire and on top of that winning, you couldn’t ask for a better feeling and I’m sure every athlete says that about their teams but volleyball, or specifically Central volleyball, does that to you. It gets a group of teenage girls who all have loving volleyball in common to work together to play hard.” – Greta Bullerdick

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