New PE class offered exclusively for girls

September 25, 2018

When PE is mentioned, most may think of a class that is likely to improve your GPA with an easy A. More than likely you will think of the generic class that incorporates team sports, fitness testing and running the mile. However, a specific class at Central called Womens PE Leadership does more than just the minimum. Full of female athletes, the class is designed to specifically work on strength and conditioning of the mind and body.  

This is the first year for this class and the first class of its kind at Central for female athlete. Meredith Kinman and Angela Thorn helped design this class along with female varsity coaches helped.  Other schools have already incorporated this type of class and Central boys’ varsity football players were involved in this class last year. The PE teachers presented the idea to administration, they approved and made it happen. Conveniently, the class is during the last hour of the day, so the ladies don’t have to worry about being sweaty all day. “We are very fortunate to have the backing within the administration in order to bring it to our building and curriculum,” Kinman said.  

Varsity coaches also have the last hour of the day to work with their athletes individually, whether it be in the weight room or working on specific drills. Some coaches have also scheduled time during this class to have their players watch and critique film from previous games. “The varsity coaches can come in and be part of the process of their athletes improving,” Kinman said.  

Within the class, the ladies are focused on strength training and conditioning. Whether this be by lifting or working on mobility and endurance, the athletes are working for results. A workout may typically consistent of running stairs, core exercises, bench pressing or squatting. The female athletes have been doing a great job and completing their workouts, Kinman and Thorn reported. “Once we get a baseline established, our goal is to see the girls get stronger and hopefully have them see their results in their specific sport performance,” Kinman stated.  

A focus of the class is weight lifting where the athletes perform lifts with bench pressing and squatting. It is very important to safely and correctly do these actions, so injuries don’t happen during the athlete’s specific seasons.  “A big goal for both myself and Mrs. Kinman is to have all the girls performing each lift correctly while helping them get stronger,” Thorn said.  

A benefit to this class is all the students have similar goals. They are all female athletes, wanting to excel in their sport. When they arrive to class every day, they are ready to work hard and achieve goals both personally and as a team. Another benefit to the class is the all-female theme. The girls push each other because they know all they are capable of hard work and excellence in sports. There are no boys to intimidate the girls or diminish their self-esteem.   


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