Omaha Teenage Artist Makes a Name For Herself

Simon Bullerdick, staff writer

Mary Ruth, now a senior at brownell Talbot, started her music career at just the age of 12. Starting with piano, then later learning guitar, she started performing in front of her middle school and open mics. As she began to write her own material, she drew heavy inspiration watching her six, much older siblings, singing and writing about what she saw, and learned as a kid. With her siblings now moved out she continues to write, focusing on her own experiences and feelings, with a collection of 180 written songs.
She progressed her career by playing weekly open mics at the “402” and first real gig being, ‘Femfest’ summer of 2015. With her name and career expanding, she abandoned open mics, now only playing gigs. Opening at places like the slowdown and the waiting room, she feels like her dream of being a respected artist is becoming a reality as these are the places she grew up watching her favorite artists. As her experience grows she has performed to an estimated 800 people at the Sokol Auditorium, and most recently, Maha music festival. Moving out of the Omaha area, she’s played in outer Nebraska towns and even small venues in Colorado and California, growing her name step by step.
In August of this year Mary released her first EP “Library” consisting of 4 songs. She partnered with ware house productions, a popular studio in the Omaha area known for working with other big artists like Snoop Dogg. Keeping an acoustic foundation to her music, she evolves to folk, garage rock and a little indie pop, you can really get an idea of the potential she has in her music career. Releasing an EP is something she’s been wanting to do her whole life, and it’s only the start. her style always changing it’s fun to see a young talent evolve and experiment with such success. With big ambitions and the talent to do it she hopes to grow and evolve more and really create something out of it.