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Bennefits of Believing

September 25, 2018

Quote: “Sometimes I believe in as many as six Impossible things before Breakfast.” – Alice in Wonderland by: Lewis Carol

Lewis Carol  provided his readers with some fabulous life advice when he stated that,” Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible  things before breakfast”, in his  acclaimed novel, Alice in Wonderland. While these may seem like outrageous or bizarre words to live by, they are quite brilliant, and it may prove quite beneficial to follow Carol’s example on the matter. Believing in the impossible can have many positive effects on one’s lifestyle, including boosting brain activity and activating the creative right side of the brain, which is not as exercised as the left side on average. Thinking happy, somewhat crazy thoughts boosts morale and could lead to living a happier and more productive life. Having an overactive imagination is common for a child, but quite rare for an adult and a sense of fantasy can, as odd as it sounds, improve one’s sense of reality. Believing in the unbelievable can be a useful and wonderfully method for coping through unfortunate roadblocks in life. If you are unhappy with something in your life, you can escape to a world where your troubles don’t exist. Believing in the impossible gives you hope that your situation will improve and releases the child in you desperate to escape. When life becomes too much to handle, let your imagination take you places. Lewis Carol is not the only author with this point of view, there are countless others. Sir James Matthew Barrie (author of Peter Pan), and Herman Melville (author of Moby Dick) are only a couple of the brilliant authors that not only wrote about the unbelievable, but also believed in the peculiar their whole lives. Thinking about outrageous things can induce laughter which in turn releases positive endorphins, increasing your lifespan. Being happier and more creative will benefits not only you, but those around you. Creative thinking will increase your productivity and decrease your boredom. Believing in the impossible will increase your problem-solving skills, making you more desirable to employers and over all a more efficient employee. Thinking about the impossible boosts self-confidence and assurance that you can get more accomplished, setting higher goals for yourself and striving more. Lewis Carol was a brilliant and odd man. It only seems fitting to take his outlandish words to heart. So, every morning before you feed your stomach, take a moment to feed your imagination.

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