Urban legends haunt Omaha Metro

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

When one thinks of Omaha, Nebraska, not much specifically comes to mind other than maybe the College Worlds Series or the zoo. The scary stories heard and told nationwide of ax-murders and paranormal activity don’t usually occur in the “Big O”. Despite this, there are several urban legends tied to the Omaha area that many may not know exist.   


  1. Albinos in Hummel Park 

Hummel Park offers many outlets for children and families to get outside and interact with nature. The park is completely enclosed in the woods, with high tress covering its visibility from the public. Hummel Park has several unexpected legends and stories about it. A fairly disturbing one deals with an “albino farm” hidden in the deep woods.  

It has been said since 1966 that a family has been hiding in the trees of Hummel for years and only ventures out at night. They supposedly stay there to hide from society. The family preys on lone visitors, attacking and eating them. Because of how isolating the trails feel, many people believe this legend. 


  1. Moving Statue in Council Bluffs 

At the edge of Fairview Cemetery in Council Bluffs, Iowa, stands a beautifully made statue of an angel looking over the people in their graves. While the angel holds a dish that carries water to the bottom of the figure, an elegant shadow is draped across the cemetery. Although the statue reigns for all to see in the daytime, rumor has it that that is not the case for the night.  

Within the decades of the statue being built, there have been numerous sightings of the angel moving in the night and doing different things. Many say that at sundown she, the angel, uses her powerful wings to fly around the surrounding graves, or that she shoots fire out of her eyes at midnight.  

Some have even heard of children running behind the base of the figure and suddenly disappearing forever. Even though many locals believe it is all folklore fantasy, it is a mystery as to what happens in the cemetery at night.  


  1. Murder at Mystery Manor 

During the Halloween season the haunted house known as Mystery Manor, becomes a very popular spot to get in the scary spirit. Every year the business holds attractions for the public to walk through, and be frightened by zombies and murderers dripping in fake blood. Many are familiar with the Mystery Manor of today, but few have experienced the house of the past.  

The legend starts with the original owners of the home, William and Greta Hall, living happily until the stock market crashed on October 23, 1929. William had lost all of his earnings and was out of control. He took out his anger by killing his wife Greta, and burying her in the front yard of the Manor.  

Later, Greta’s brother got revenge on William by killing him and burying him with Greta. To this day William supposedly haunts the Manor in search of any soul that enters his home.  


  1. Papillion “Hatchet House”  

In the town of Portal, just south of Papillion, there once was a small one room schoolhouse right next door to a creaky old bridge. With this urban legend getting right to the point, it is said the the teacher went crazy and decapitated every one of her students and placed their heads on their desks. She continued to take each of their hearts and throw them, one by one, over the nearby bridge and into the water below.  

The schoolhouse is now called Hatchet House. Many visitors will go to the school and bridge in search of feeling the long lost presence of the teacher and students. The bridge also received the name, “Heartbeat Bridge”, because as one goes across, the boards shudder and shake, sounding of the hearts in the river below.