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Importance of Representation in the Makeup Industry

October 9, 2018

The makeup the industry seems to be stuck in the 60’s when it comes to providing products for people with darker complexions. Meanwhile there’s fifty shades of pale and only four shades for darker skinned people, ironically every dark-skinned person will be able to fit in those four shades.
The lack of diversity and representation within the industry is no secret to anybody. The problem and the reason people seem to be so outraged with this is because it shouldn’t be a problem in this day and age. We have people sending cars into space but can’t make a shade of foundation for someone of a darker complexion? It starts at the fact the beauty industry seems to act like it’s so difficult to have a wide range of products for all skin tones. Companies are saying that darker colors don’t sell as much as the lighter ones do. Which in fact is incorrect! How can you buy a color to match your skin tone when it does not exist or even match?
Companies shouldn’t drop one collection with a limited amount of shade ranges then go back and add more shades after receiving backlash. People of color should have been able to buy the product since the beginning. They’re not a last resort and cannot all be categorized into one.
What these companies fail to realize is that diversity is not a trend. You can’t make these products promising inclusivity but then not delivering when it comes down to the actual product. Do they work for them? Did you make a product for all the undertones? Or did they just create one color fits all?
For companies to move forward and reach a larger audience they need to understand the needs of the people. They need to understand who they are catering to and what that stand for. Adding more shade ranges is only the beginning for people of color. They need people of color in the lab creating the products, creating the ad campaigns and the whole marketing aspect of it. Diversity starts by adding people of color into the industry that has been failing them.

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