November too early for holiday decorations

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer


For many, the most wonderful time of the year, the holiday season, can start as soon as summer comes to an end. This urge to celebrate holidays that are still months away is encouraged by almost every store, with displays of Christmas trees next to trick-or-treat bags. Personally, this merging of holidays must come to an end before it gets unstoppable.

This holiday decoration dilemma has been recognizable for quite some time, but it definitely grows earlier and earlier every year. I have seen aisles in certain stores being cleared out for Halloween decorations as soon as August, and for Christmas decorations as soon as Halloween. With an overlapping of decorations and holidays, it is very likely for many to have aspects of holidays lose their value. When I hear Christmas music playing over the speakers in the grocery store in October, by the time December rolls around the actual Christmas radio station that is so loved, almost become an annoyance from being overplayed.

Because this phenomenon is known by so many, the internet and social media as taken the topic and turned it into a “meme”. The relatable posts convey the emotions of both sides of this situation, the ones for, and against early decorating. With such quick access to the internet and the ability to converse with others that agree as well as disagree, this topic turns into a popular point of conversation around this time of year.

Another point to consider is when people give in to the holiday themed displays and start the decorating process far too early. It can’t just be me that gets personally offended when I see a snowman before the month of December. According to a poll carried out by, over 86% of people believe that November is too early to put up decorations.

The debate over holiday decorations that can get oddly very intense, will unfortunately never get solved. As the companies making these decorations get increasing sales and attention, they create more items to buy, continuing the cycle of the love/hate relationship with the decorations in the first place.