Review: Netflix horror drama show, Elite

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

If looking for a new dramatic, horror, and action filled show to binge watch this fall season, Netflix’s Spanish series Elite could be just the one. This one-season series dropped to Netflix in early October and has gotten overall great feedback, with many eagerly wanting a second season. The show touches on several important social issues while remaining in the high school setting. Because of the show’s school and teenage environment, it very much appeals to the high school population.

The opening episode of the series begins with a group of three lower income students, Nadia, Samuel and Christian; being transferred to a very wealthy and prestigious academy, Las Encinas, through a scholarship. They received this opportunity when their old school burned down, and all of the students were sent to different local schools.

When arriving at the “elite” status school, it is clear to the viewer that the students are not welcoming of the transferred students. They give them snarky looks and talk about them to their friends. The students and teachers of Las Encinas even go as far as to shame their Muslim culture, not accepting any culture other than their own.

Because of the conflicts between the students and friend groups, a shocking turn is taken as a murder ensues. This plays into the unique storytelling aspect of the series, where there are flash-forwards of every student being interviewed by a police officer about said murder. These allow for more additions to the suspense of finding out the killer.

Elite is the second Spanish original series to come to Netflix, following Cable Girls. This is breaking down the genre’s barriers as more diverse content is added to the mix. Some are also comparing it to Netflix’s Thirteen Reasons Why, for its overly dramatic high school characters that deal with heavy situations.

The social issues that tie into the episodes include drug use, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy, social exclusion and love triangles. These topics are quickly thrown onto the characters and the viewers can see how different people handle each tribulation. The way the characters portray their parts is very artfully and emotionally done. This new Netflix series is definitely worth a watch.