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The Phantom of the Opera

December 8, 2018


The Phantom of Opera was at the Orpheum Theatre from November 21st  through December 2nd as part of the Broadway Across America series/tour. Since first opening in October of 1986, The Phantom of the Opera has captivated audiences of all ages. 

The story of The Phantom of the Opera is a story of romance, mystery, acceptance, and betrayal. It is a French musical doubling as a social commentary on 19th century French Aristocracy, the art of Opera and the importance of outer beauty.  

The Musical opens with an auction decades after our story takes place, the Auctioneer speaks of The mysterious happenings of the Phantom of the Opera as he presents the newly restored Chandelier, and brings light to the situation. At this point the musical, A chandelier located over the Audience is lowered, revealed, and illuminated, completely saturating the audience in the story line. 

As scene two comes to life, a story unfolds, set in the 1880’s, it is the story of a man who has been physically deformed since birth, the Opera House he “haunts”, and a young orphaned ballerina turned opera singer, Christine Daae whom he tutors and admires from afar. The Phantom of the Opera is revealed to be Christine’s “Angel of Music” as she follows him through a mirror’s trap door to experience the Music of the Night. 

Small holes in the stage deck emit fog to add to the mystery and confusion Christine feels as she is led across the lake to the Phantom’s “room”. During the acclaimed song, which shares its name with our Opera “Ghost”, and the musical itself, The Phantom and Christine move around the stage in a remote-controlled gondola.  

Tears are shed during a heartwarming exchange between Christine and Raoul, sealing their secret engagement. Firecrackers simulate the sound of gun shots as the Phantom and Raoul duel for Christine’s hand add to the tension. 

The Phantom of the Opera astounds audiences, as the first Act closes with a literal bang. The chandelier above them falls and appears to have shattered in sync with the event in the story. The Use of embedded propel tanks, and candles, add to the drama immersing the viewers as they actually feel the heat of the flames while they witness the Phantom’s Wrath on the stage.  

Act two is just as captivating as the first, opening with a masquerade, set in a golden ballroom. The Phantom of the Opera never fails to amaze everyone who witnesses its brilliance.  While some scenes and costumes differ from the 2004 movie adaptation, it continues to live up to its shinning reputation. Omaha thought we were ready to be dazzled, but we were pleasantly surprised.

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