Band v DJ

Simon Bullerdick, staff writer

School dances are arguably some of the best and most fun nights of the school year. There are a lot of factors that determine how great it’ll be, the venue, decoration, food, attire, but there is absolutely no doubt about it: music can either make or break the whole experience. Hiring a DJ have always been the go to for the music provider, but what if Central where to get a live band instead of a DJ? It seems as if anyone can just connect to the speakers click the play button and take requests. A live band puts heart and soul into every second, every note played in every song and with Centrals talented student body there would be no trouble finding willing performers. This is a growing trend in school dances as other schools in the Omaha area are doing with great success. There’s nothing like being able to feel and hear every instrument played in every song to get the crowd exited, especially when its other students producing it.
Who specifically would be the best for the job is just as important as the music itself. Giving someone that responsibility of controlling, basically the night should be considered more seriously. Interacting with the crowd and the dance floor is also important, making the experience much more fun when done right. This responsibility should be given to a fellow student, someone who knows what is wanted and is familiar with the people on the dance floor and the music, not just someone’s dad playing USAs top 50 songs. A mix of fast and slow, old and new songs should be used. Something for everyone something everyone can dance to.
Variety and depth in the music is also important, and that’s where DJ wins, and it works great to fit the vibe of certain dances such as homecoming. As the venues, restrictions and decorations of all the dances change, so does the vibe and the feel of the whole night, but the music stays the same between all three dances. Setting up a band is something that would fit the vibe of prom or winter formal especially well.
Central High School is already known for having a proud, outgoing student body, and only makes sense that we would give some of our gifted students a chance. These few dances we have are special and we only get. If these dances are supposed to be “Our special night” then we should be able to make is special the way we want it to be.