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Marcus Rivera commits to Coffeyville

November 26, 2018

Since he was four-years-old, Marcus Rivera has been playing baseball. Rivera will follow his four years of high school ball with a baseball career at Coffeyville Community College in Kansas. His coaches, family members and teammates have helped to shape him into the player and the person that he is today. “It’s important to have a good bond with the guys on your team,” states Rivera, “when you’re all friends, it’s easier to work together and to play well as a team.” 


Without ever playing baseball for any club leagues, Rivera has put in a lot of time to develop his skills. At home and at school, he pushes himself to grow as a player and to become better. He believes that his mom and his uncle have really impacted his performance on and off the field. Rivera claims, “I was pretty hot-headed when I was a kid, but baseball and my family have helped me to focus more and become more level-headed.”  


After Rivera sustained an injury during his sophomore year, he decided to push harder and strive to be successful. He was unable to throw a baseball for several months. Once his injury had finally healed, he hurt himself again and was forced to sit out during the spring season of that year. He stays positive about his setbacks when saying, “I am motivated to play because I always want to be a better player than I was yesterday.” 


During baseball season each year, Rivera has been motivated by his coaches. He specifically mentions coaches Ryan Neel, Corban Williams and Gerald Kreber. Rivera believes that each coach has helped to improve his mentality and his drive to become better. The coaches have offered lifting, work-outs, hitting practice, summer conditioning and other events that give players the chance to improve themselves. About his baseball experience, he reflects, “If could go back and change one thing, I would work even harder off the field, lifting, and with my schoolwork.” 


Rivera expressed the desire to lead others and he sees himself as a leader on the bench and on the field. With his coaches and teammates, he encourages his teammates to prevail when the team is struggling and praises them when they are doing well. Rivera communicates his will to lead when saying, “I am very competitive in life, but I think I apply myself a little more on the field than I do anywhere else.” 


Playing high school sports give students many opportunities that may not be available to others. Sports in high school push students to the best of their abilities, in the sport and in the classroom. Creating balance in a busy life, being a leader, working hard and having a good attitude are all qualities found in a high school athlete. “I have made progress physically, obviously I’ve grown bigger and stronger than I was freshmen year,” comments Rivera, “but the most improvement I’ve seen has been in my mentality.” 


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