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Burgerim Review

December 14, 2018

Burgerim Gourmet Burgers is a ‘fast casual franchise’ that is very popular in both California and Texas, but somehow made its way down to Omaha. The establishment is located at 225 N 12th Street, in the heart of the revamped and modernized Capitol District.  

Their burger combos come with either two mini sliders (duo) or three mini sliders (trio), instead of one traditional patty. Each customer can customize their own burger with a variety of buns, sauces, patties, and toppings. The establishment offers a variety of proteins to choose from to accommodate different diet restrictions, such as; beef, turkey, chicken, salmon, wagyu, falafel, chorizo, lamb, veggie, dry aged beef, and merguez. They also offer wings, salads, and desserts. Catering is another popular service that Burgerim offers. When ordering combos, customers have the option to mix and match different patty types and customizations.  

Throughout my entire visit, the staff members were extremely courteous and patient, and offered amazing customer service. Not to mention, they were very informative on products and prices- and did not need to ask another employee for common information such as ‘what ingredients goes on each standard patty’. For each customization we made, the cashier informed us accurately of upcharges- which was highly appreciated. Another pleasant thing to see, was how present the managers were and seeing them be involved in providing the customers with outstanding service. The establishment overall was very clean. The bathroom was properly stocked and cleaned up, which is very important. I even noticed that employees handling food wore and changed their gloves. Both the condiment bar and tables were wiped down and stocked. So overall, the restaurant was clean, but in all fairness, they were not very busy at that time either.  

Even though the restaurant was not very busy, I had to wait over thirty minutes to receive my food. And by the time I received my food, I went to take a bite of my first slider and the center was stone cold- it was truly disappointing. I ordered the duo combo, with one regular beef slider and one falafel slider so that I could try a range of their food. I requested to try the sauces on the side, but when I got my order, it was completely wrong- which was frustrating in itself. The fries are not traditionally shaped, but are rather disc-shaped slices. For some reason, the staff member brought out my (cold) sliders first and later brought out my fries (which took an additional five or so minutes). Although the fries tasted fresh and were very hot, they lacked favor and were very bland and unseasoned- thank goodness for the table salt and cracked pepper. For two people to dine there, the price will range closely to thirty dollars. But to put it plainly, Burgerim has low quality food for a high-quality price.  


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