Lectures show more success than independent study

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

The way one learns is very important and can greatly affect the outcome of his/her educational experience. There are many different techniques to retain information, and certain ones can be more effective than others. A prominent factor is whether or not the student is face-to-face with a teacher.
Being able to hear one’s voice and the explanation of the lesson can show a drastic advantage in comprehension. Learningspark.com claims that effective lecturers can communicate the interest of a subject through their enthusiasm. Learning in a fun and unique environment allows for more of the topic to stick with the student.
Say the student has an independent study where they are given the lesson notes on paper or online and they must teach it to themselves. This environment wouldn’t be as mind opening, for the student is under a cloud of confusion trying to teach something they don’t know. An independent study could almost be counterproductive if the specific student needs someone in person to explain challenging topics.
Another point to consider would be that an independent study breaks off the opportunity for questions, as well as learning from other student’s questions on the information. This leaves the student wondering and not being sure if they are completing the assignment correctly.
Having the traditional school setting of a classroom and a teacher is not for everyone but it is very helpful when taken seriously. Hedweb.com said that “lectures constitute a formally-structured social event which fits human nature and artificially manipulates human psychology to improve learning.”
It would be common to think that an independent study would improve learning but there are several underlying connections that point to lecturing as more effective. This is only true when the student at hand puts forth their full effort and is committed to their education. If he/she does not care about their own success then neither a teacher nor themselves can help them grow.
There are obviously more than only these ways to teach and learn information, but these two are most prevalent today. A 2010 study from Harvard’s Kennedy School showed that students who were lectured learned more than other students who were given other methods of teaching.
Having a solid foundation of learning and education is needed to succeed in the world today. Seeing eye to eye with what style of learning works best will show through in significant ways.