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School Odor

December 20, 2018

Recently there has been an excessive amount of odor throughout the school and has been noticed. Some rumors haven been spread saying it’s the students who are causing the odor, these are all false. These issues have been taken into account by the head of maintenance, custodians, and plumbers. There have been numerous steps in place to eliminate the odor.  

Multiple work orders have been submitted to both maintenance and environmental groups. The work orders have resulted in slight improvement. The whole issue is based off old- unused plumbing that is still pen within the building. Capping these old pipes is believed to be the solution; 7 or 8 pipes have already been capped, smelling less odor.  

In order to fully eliminate the odor, Maintenance is working on locating the rest of the old pipes and cap them hoping to remove the smell. As some students and teachers have noticed, certain sides and rooms have a worse smell than others. Head of Maintenance, Chad Knott has found that most of the smell starts in room 039, and spreads from there. Other parts of the building that seems to have more issues are the 2 side and landings. The odor is spreading, and not originating from certain rooms.  

Other maintenance issues are: extreme temperature fluctuations, broken water fountains, and out of order bathroom stalls. These problems are not directly related to the odor issue. Although they both deal with plumbing and pipes, they do not have anything to do with each other. There have been multiple plumbers in working on all these issues, it is just a matter of getting more workers, helping fix the problem.  

The new addition is not the cause for the pipe problem. The only odor that come from the new addition is when the workers are cutting metal, there may be a burning smell but is quickly eliminated.  

As a whole, steps students and teachers can take to help Maintenance is to report the timing and room where there is odor, or a more than usual amount. This will help the workers more quickly and effectively find the core problem and pipes.

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