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New Omaha Restaurants 2018

December 20, 2018


Blackstone’s first sushi restaurant opened this September 10th. The restaurant has already gained a following in just a few months.  

This restaurant is one of many Omaha has to offer. There are a few unique dishes on their menu, yet many of their sushi plates can be found around Omaha with a smaller price. Understanding that Blackstone typically has more expensive eateries, this is not that great of a surprise.  

The menu is on the smaller side, yet still impressive.  Some of their more original dishes include: braised sweet potatoes, fried octopus, foie gras rangoons, peanut butter pork cheek. The restaurant takes a classic Asian dish and adds an American twist.  

Butterfish’s interior is very clean-cut and modern, with warm touches. The menu and overall atmosphere can be closely compared to Hiro 88 or Yoshitomo. This restaurant is expected to be very successful give it the only sushi restaurant in its area, and original menu. 

The only issue that can be found at Butterfish is that many of their rolls can be found in other restaurants. This is very common considering many customers have similar wants. Some of their rolls can be found with different names at Blue Sushi, Hiro 88 and Yosshitomo. Besides this minor detail, the restaurant has unique qualities and high-quality cuisine.  

Mixins Rolled Ice Cream is Omaha’s second rolled ice cream shop. Tis store quickly opened after Freezing, Omaha first rolled ice cream store gained mass amount of popularity throughout Omaha. This store recently opened this year on August 18. This store is located on the outskirts of Downtown and caters to many given their large range of open hours.  

On the weekends, Mixins is open as late as 2 a.m. catering to many customers leaving bars or closing restaurants. Rolled ice cream is typically more expensive that average soft-serve or competing shops.  

The pricing is quite reasonable for rolled ice cream at $7 per serving. Some of the interesting flavors are: cookie monster, galaxy, and “what’s the tea”. An added touch is hat with every rolled ice cream, the employee will write your name before rolling. The ice cream is not just the base, there are many interesting toppings like pocky, lollipops, and fortune cookies.  

A setback that may be faced when going to Mixins is the possibility of a long wait time. Considering the quality and popularity, the wait times can be as high as 45 minutes. Of course, the business depends on factors such as: day, time, and weather.  

Overall, this is addition to the ice cream scene is excelling in all forms possible. The interior is impressive and gives the customer the ability to watch their product being made. The flavors are all original and has an overall different vibe than ‘Freezing’.  

Myrtle and Cypress is one of the newest coffee shops added to Omaha. It recently opened this year and has been a success ever since. This shop is located in the heart of Midtown. The most interesting fact about this coffee shop is that it was a house renovated into the shop.  

The interior is very open and full of tables for workspace, and a play room in the back for children. There is a very welcoming, clean atmosphere full of greenery and light.  

My first impression was of Myrtle and Cypress was it is extremely adorable. This store has some of the most helpful baristas. All the products are locally sourced and natural, making it somewhat difficult finding coffee that is sugary. However, an alternate option for sugar-loving coffee drinkers is their house-made mocha.  

Their coffee drinks may take some getting used to since the natural ingredients taste different that processed sugar and syrups. For example, the mocha was fantastic but more bitter than expected considering their syrup is made from natural cacao beans. Other products use sweeteners such as dates and honey.  

The pricing is very reasonable considering all the products that go into the drinks are more expensive that processed items. They have a large selection of milks that can accommodate different dietary needs. There is also a solid selection of food and bakery items but depending on the time the bakery items might be on low stock since they sell out quickly.  

The only downside to Myrtle and Cypress is the parking is up the street at an old gas station, it is close, but not as close as other shops. I would recommend this shop to any coffee lover, or anyone looking to switch up their everyday coffee routine.

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