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Personal Technology Use at School

December 20, 2018

In a rapidly-evolving technological community, every student should have increased access to technology. Everyday classes do involve the use of PowerPoints or the internet, but not enough individual usage.  

Many other Omaha middle schools and high schools allow more access to computers and tablets. Yes, Central High has many computers throughout classes and the library, but not enough for the large among of enrolled students. Other high schools throughout Omaha allow their students to bring laptops and tablets from home. This technological aspect should be implemented at Central.  

There is no need to worry about non-school use given the students will need to set their devices to the school Wi-Fi. The school Wi-Fi will need to block social media websites and entertainment sources in order for this to be productive.  

Allowing students to bring their devices to school will drive more students to get their homework done at school, having adequate access to the internet. Being able to have personal devices at school, students are able to get accustomed to the use of technology within classes, preparing for college courses.  

Not to mention the issues that surround the school computers, personal devices are much more comfortable and less problematic. For example, school computers often have issues with their servers or disconnect at random. Sure, this problem could be fixed for students who rely on school technology. However, it would be much easier for students to have a choice to bring their devices to school without having to go through multiple hoops gaining permission.  

This new policy would push for technology usage, allowing students to have easier access to the internet. Issues will arise but would just take time to work out the kinks of a new policy. The only issue of bringing devices to school that would worry parents and guardians would be losing or getting a device stolen. This issue can always be avoided by either keeping an eye on their backpacks, keeping them in lockers, having a trusted locker partner, and by enforcing strict punishments for stealing students’ personal property.  

Central High should allow their students to bring their devices to school, promoting a forward learning experience backed by technology. The administration will gain more support by being a technologically- advanced school. Both teachers and students will benefit by being able to have widespread access to information within classes.

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