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Brockhampton Iridescence

December 20, 2018

Brockhampton, a boy band of 12 men released their new album Iridescence on September 21, and automatically gained attention. The album consists of 15 songs, which all have a very different tone. The tone of the album is a mixture of R & B and rap. 

All the tracks have a combination of different voices and backgrounds. An interesting element about this album is the meaning behind some verses can be seen as deep but are combined with high energy music distracting the listener. 

For example, in ‘TAPE’ a verse is “Tragedy after tragedy, God, send a message. Send a messenger my way, never claimed to be a saint, forgive me” is seen as negative but paired with high energy music. Some of the tracks can be hard to get through given the large amount of auto-tune and vivacity but are still entertaining nonetheless. 

Compared to previous albums, Iridescence does have a different vibe than the previous albums, but still carries the high energy and diversity. This new album is more focused on singular voices, considering many of the members have their own verses when in previous albums there was more harmonizing. Brockhampton’s ‘I’ll be There’ tour is a mixture of the new album and previous albums. 

The setlist for the current tour contains roughly half old albums and half Iridescence. In my opinion, the album was a success because of it is different from the other albums being presented in the current music industry.

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