Self Expression Through Street Art

December 20, 2018

Street art has is becoming more and more accepted, however there is a long way to go considering most graffiti and art is considered gang related or vandalization. Even throughout Omaha people are displaying their feeling and opinions through graffiti and other forms of public art. 

Yes, graffiti can be gang related but often teenagers and young adults are looking for a form of release. This release is typically letting go of anger and emotions by showcasing their creativity in a public form. Property such as the silos, train cars, and abandoned buildings are not personally owned by one person. 

By adding color, these “artists” are essentially coloring the community. For example, the silos are bare and boring, by adding art pieces along the bottom and sides it brings energy and life to a life-less object. As well, as train cars the adding of graffiti is not harmful to the object or anyone involved with the object. 

Graffiti has gotten a bad rap over the years as being a form of gang membership and vandalizing. Sure, spray painting the side of someone’s house is vandalization and should be punished for, but public property that does not affect anyone should not be faced with punishments.  

To put the misconception of street-art in perspective, the use of spray paint art is graffiti and negative, yet England based street artist Banksy is highly regarded and admired. Banksy has immense talent, along with years of practice and experience. This artist is adding color and life to areas. Local street artists have no way of expanding their talent when they are constantly penalized for their work.  

Street art and graffiti should be more commonly accepted. Street art on bare public property where it is not directly affecting someone, or their personal property is fine. I can see graffiti becoming more accepted in upcoming years but will just take time. 

Again, this graffiti is art and is representation of an individual’s emotion and experiences. Graffiti just as words is still a representation of someone’s life and should be taken into account rather than pure punishment and removal.

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