Added Personal Finance Class

December 20, 2018

Personal Finance has been added to the curriculum for all graduating seniors throughout the nation. Central is one of the many schools requiring personal finance for their students. Currently, 22 states require a class on economics of some form, whereas only 17 states require students to take a personal finance class. 

Nebraska does have guidelines when it comes to the curriculum concerning business classes, however do not require a credit concerning these classes for graduation. Yet, this year 95 Nebraska school districts are needing their students to complete a personal finance course; There are 149 other Nebraska school districts that are not implementing a personal finance course. 

Nebraska is not the only state slowly making this course a requirement, many states nationwide are following the movement as well. The decision to add this course was made by the schoolboard, not the administration.  As far as Central’s history with personal finance, this class has always been offered as an elective, just recently made a requirement.  

“Adding this class won’t hurt, given the financial stability the nation is in at the moment, this class will be helpful.”, said Ms. Dierks, business department head. Another opinion on this class is that it should be offered for both juniors and seniors, so that there is more flexibility for senior’s schedules. Personal Finance will most likely stay a requirement, given it is only benefitting the future of students and their economic stability. 

This course is being offered as a regular and honors credit. Both courses give the same information, but the honors course requires more work and moves at a faster pace. By adding this course, the business teachers’ schedules have changed, considering roughly 700 students are now needing an extra class.  

Many of the personal finance classes are full, leaving teachers with a tight schedule. Central did not hire another teacher to help with the class, but Ms. Falcon has moved to become a teacher for this class. This class should be necessary for all students, many students are unaware of how to work pensions, insurance, and overall budgeting. 

Given the current trend, many young adults move from jobs decreasing their chances of earning a pension, whereas in previous generations people stay a t one job for an extended period.

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