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Lion’s Mane Vintage Review

December 20, 2018

Lion’s Mane vintage in the heart of Benson, is one of the cutest vintage stores Omaha has to offer. Starting off with visuals, the store has an adorable aesthetic. I found most of the ‘vintage’ pieces to be more-retro compared to other Omaha vintage stores.  

This store felt vintage, full of old, versatile pieces. Solid vintage stores are hard to come by, given most of them find their pieces at thrift stores and raise the prices. Lion’s Mane seemed had a great selection of original items, but also items with a modern touch. 

All the items are reasonably priced, which is so shocking given most vintage stores have overly high price tags. Also, there was a solid selection of higher-end products combined with average pieces. There was also a substantial amount of men’s clothing, which is also hard to come by given most vintage stores cater to women’s clothing. 

Not to mention the quality of the clothing is amazing, other stores in Omaha sell pieces that have be over-worn. This store is so full of great pieces that can fit different styles. For example, there is a great selection of long retro dresses, denim, and vintage sweaters and tops. Their online following is impressive as well, their Instagram is current and well-kept making it easy to find ongoing deals and pieces. 

The location of this store is perfect. One can walk around the Benson area, shop, or eat. Given the Benson area can be busy, parking can be a hassle. Unless someone is a genius at parallel parking, there are parking lots around the block.  

The only “con” about Lion’s Mane is their store hours. They don’t stay open past seven, which is understandable considering the bar scene in Benson. However, for some people it may be difficult considering they close at five on Sundays and don’t stay open past seven during the week. 

The employees are all very kind and willing to help you find pieces or just browse the store. This store is very accommodating for finding one’s size or favorite style. I would highly recommend this hidden gem of a vintage store to anyone.

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