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Max Heyden

December 20, 2018

The scoreboard reads half time and the Central Band comes out marching onto the field as well as the color guard team. On the field you see a variety of people performing but one person specifically stands out. Max Heyden, the only male performer on the color guard team.
Max Heyden has been part of the color guard team for 6 months. He decided to join because he wanted to try something new and to continue branching out as a performer. Before joining color guard, he had a slight concern that he was going to be too isolated from the other due to him being a male. He never wanted that to show because he found it to fun and did not want to affect the other members.
“After joining color guard and getting to know the other members and getting to know the other members, it really felt like a family and there was never a dull moment” exclaimed Max. He then proceeded to explain how his family was worried he was going to get made fun of for being the only male on the team. Granted he was but he didn’t really care, eventually his friends were more supportive of it and other people were too.
Max never really thought joining color guard would be considered as defying gender norms because of all the support and positive reinforcement from his family and peers. “Never let adversity keep you from living your life the way you want” Max said.
Recently Max has also made it the collegiate level color guard. He described it as a unique experience trying out with other performers for a team that is well known around the region. It consists of dance, flag and optional weapon audition. There are several criteria that are being looked for such as form, understanding of routine and fundamentals. They also compete at regional, national and even world stage.
Along with color guard Max is very involved in school. He is currently part of 2 choirs at Central and competes in track. He is undecided at the moment on which college he is going to attend but is planning to major in music education.

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