Conditions in Senior Parking Lot Deemed Dangerous

December 20, 2018

As winter approaches the weather conditions in Omaha become more hazardous. Traffic in the morning becomes more aggravating with multiple car crashes on the highway. The streets become dangerous and parking becomes more difficult.
Students at Central high school have become restless with the parking lots. With limited spots available and hundred of students battling for a parking spot there arises some problems. With the weather interfering with students driving abilities they are left with no choice but to risk their lives to find a suitable spot.
In the morning upon arrival students are faced with icy streets and slippery hills. Entering the upper senior lot they’re facing slippery turns and parking spots filled with piles of snow. Students essentially digging up their own spots to park in.
Students have been complaining to faculty eagerly waiting for the lots to be revived. Nick Shannon a senior at Central exclaimed that the senior lot is poorly maintained entirely, there is no clear walkway besides the one the students make walking over the snow. Many students have been seen falling and slipping, injuring themselves in the snow walking up to school.
Another senior Elijah Mitchell emphasized how the amount of snow in the lots is becoming ridiculous, taking up multiple spots where the students cannot park limiting the spaces making parking a more rigorous task. The parking lot was already exclusive to only a limited amount of students making the overcrowding a bigger problem than it already is. Students being forced to park at meters or in illegal spots for hours of the day. Marisa Perez (senior at central) also agreed with Elijah’s statement, she also established her concern with the limited parking problem. “Parking has become such a problem that students literally race to find spots in the morning , it has become such an ordeal that students park illegally in the handicap spots”. Students essentially risk receiving tickets from the school or being towed by the school all for a spot.
As a whole the students have agreed the senior lot is a big problem that needs to be addressed. With outsiders from the Creighton faculty or students and workers around the area parking in the our lots to the dangerous conditions the lots are left in, there needs to be a resolution to the problem. The students well being needs to be recognized especially with the weather. As the year proceeds students hope the environment in the lots will improve for everyone.

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