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Disney Needs to Stop

February 14, 2019

Recently Disney released a snippet of their new live action movie of an old original tv series known as” Kim Possible”. The snippet went viral on the internet, people were not happy about their childhood show being rebooted into another failure of a movie. This snippet sparked the conversation on how Disney Channel has a bad habit of bringing back old tv shows or movies and remaking them into disasters.
Over the last few years Disney has tried to bring back many shows and movies such as Boy Meets World and That’s So Raven. All of these were revived then cancelled from low ratings and such. I understand Disney trying to retain the attain from older audiences and attempting to bring back some type of nostalgia to the channel but the only things they’re doing is wasting money. The old Disney channel will never be back and it’s inevitable.
Creating live action films of Disney classics such as Aladdin or yet another Cinderella movie will only exhaust the audience of the whole Disney magical feeling, they are famous for portraying. In order for Disney to reach and break new barriers in television they need new ideas. Expanding their topics in tv shows and having diverse casts could potentially help in ratings.
Although Disney Channel is for the kids there’s a part of every adult who grew up watching that is partially attached to their childhood. Disney could never be what they used to be but there’s a lot of potential to grow as a brand instead of staying in one lane. Hopefully in the next few years there will more exciting new projects Disney takes on

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