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Living the Dream Scholarship Winner

February 14, 2019

As everyone knows college can be awfully expensive. Students find every way to make it more affordable either through loans, grant or scholarships. Scholarships can be one of the most attainable way to earn money. Although scholarships can be very competitive and rigorous they are the best way to earn funds for college.
The Martin Luther’s King Living the Dream scholarship is one of many scholarships available to students at Central High School. The application process for the scholarship is a bit rigorous, it included an essay about a topic that related to the rest of society, a problem that needed to be exposed. There was various winners with different prize amounts availed for the winners.
One of the first-place winners was Cecilia Huber a senior at Central High School. She became interested with the scholarship because she loves to write. The competition included a poetry section, so she decided to try it and earn some extra money for college by doing something that she likes and comes easy to her. Cecilia learned about the scholarship through her creative writing teacher who had given her a flyer for the competition.
“The writing process was actually more than I anticipated” exclaimed Cecilia. She decided to write about interracial dating because she had a bit of experience of that. Cecilia believe it was a good topic to write about because people don’t always accept couples from different cultures or backgrounds. She titled her poem “Breaking Ignorance”, in her poem which mostly emphasizes black and white couples trying to justify their relationship to society.
When Cecilia found out she was obviously excited and proud of herself. She was also very honored that she has the opportunity to inspire others with her words. The competition was held on Martin Luther King Day so it was a really powerful and meaningful experience for her. She received $800 for getting first place in her category. Cecelia is planning on attending Nebraska Wesleyan University to study psychology and counseling.
Central received the best overall score out of all the school in the competition. There was also many other students who won on their categories.They took the trophy home for all their hard work. This scholarship competition is new so Central was the first school to accept the trophy.

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