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Iphone privacy

February 21, 2019

It is no secret companies are starting to collect and track information about us, especially companies like Google and Facebook. They make money by harvesting this information and selling it to other bigger companies and retailers. Information like, ethnicity, were you live, past jobs, what websites you visit, what brands of products you prefer and more, its all recorded and sold for profit by these companies.
There are claims that Google used code to bypass Apples safaris privacy security settings to access our online and shopping habits. This explains why the ads and suggestions that you receive on your phone or device are specific to you. They try and push similar products they know your looking for or try and push products other people like you may have got. Its all pretty harmless information, but should it still be allowed?
There shouldn’t be any reason this information should be used like this especially to this extent. With everything being online and technology being used constantly we don’t know really what they do or don’t know about us. A group in the UK that represents the 4.4 million iPhone users in Wales and the England were ready to sue Google for 4.3 billion for these claims. There are a lot of information stored in our devices both personal and financial. With no warning, permission or awareness Google quite possibly had access to all of it.
Even though at the moment, its all being used to specify what ads or suggestions we get, it could be worse. All our information is out there and if a piece of code can bypass the security to reach it, another piece of code could be used to take it. With almost everyone using the internet and different devices, hypothetically someone could reach and have access to all of our information, and if the situation comes to were 90% of our population’s information is compromised and release it could mean a lot of bad things to a lot of innocent people. Our information should be and remain private to only us and there should be serious repercussions for those who violate it.

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