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‘Locked Room’ Omaha Escape Room

February 21, 2019

“Locked Room” is the newest escape room in Omaha, located in Northwest Omaha at 741 N 120th St. Escape rooms are adventurous games where players must solve a series of puzzles within a particular time limit by using hints, clues and strategy. These interactive games are ideally for groups of three to eight people aged 12 years and older. “Locked Room” even ensures that customers won’t be solving any of the escape rooms with groups of strangers.  

Their rooms are ideal for all different demographics; family members, friends and even co-workers often use escape rooms as an interactive team building exercise. As of now, “Locked Room” has four different rooms that customers can choose from. Reservations for groups can be made online or even over the phone.  

Each specific room has its own custom theme to go along with the plot of finding the clues. For example, “Last Hour of the Titanic” has a theme based on escaping from the ship’s cargo hold. At the end of the session, you will either “be front page news as survivors of the Titanic or be another cliff-note in the long list of those buried at sea.” For those who love a good backstory, in “Back in the 50’s: Uncle Marv’s Soda Shop,” your uncle Marv, who has recently passed away, has put you into his will to inherit his soda shop. It is up to your group to find the clues to be able to “continue the legacy of Marv’s Soda Shop.” Another includes your group being invited by a millionaire to a vineyard in California where the host reveals that the secret to their flavor is a “highly potent neurotoxin.” In “Death by Wine,” it is up to you to find the antidote before it is too late. In “Fresh Meat,” your group is living through a zombie apocalypse inside an abandoned bakery off of its old pastries. The creatures are outside the door, which is apt to break open in any given moment. It is up to you to use the fresh meat at the next door’s butcher shop to distract the creatures for enough time to break free- before the time runs out! But, regardless of which one you choose, your team has only 60 minutes to solve! Prices for each person, regardless of the theme, are only $24.95 at “Locked Room,” and it is guaranteed to make for a captivating and interactive hour of puzzle-solving.  

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