Central Golf

Simon Bullerdick, Staff Writer

With the basketball season finally ending, a lot of students of looking at the upcoming soccer season. But central is also home of a proud, strong golf team that shouldn’t be left in the shadows. With a team consisting of two seniors Trae Brown and Charlie Levy. With a two and a half month season including nine tournaments and two duels, they put a lot of time and effort toward the game. There’s a lot of good players at rival schools but they still push to challenge them and they deserve our support this season.
Coach Larson and basketball manager, senior player Charlie Levy looks to make this his best season. Charlie will have to push for it just like he helped push the basketball team to state. With a First place finish at Elmwood, under his belt he just needs to keep that mindset and play as a leader for the team to be the best they can be. I asked Charlie what advice he had for the new players on the team and he said, “My advice to freshman and incoming golfers is to work extremely hard day in and day out and to swing your swing, shape your own game. Your mental game is just as important as your swing, being strong mentally is vital to having a complete golf game. The pay back will be great if you put in the hours on the course.”
Golf has always been important to Charlie, starting young and working as a gold caddie during the summer he’s always been around it and it strengthens his game. “Golf has always been important to me,” Charlie said, “Golf is important to me because it has taught me a lot of great lesson. I have put a lot of work into it and the game has rewarded me with many great experiences and relationships.”
This golf season is on track to be great and hopefully with the right leadership from the coaches and players it will be as rewarding as the others.