Zen Coffee

Simon Bullerdick, staff writer

Zen Coffee Company is one of Omaha’s smaller, but most cozy cafes. Like the name, they try to capture that peaceful calming ‘zen’ vibe. With home brewed coffees and teas that are periodically rotated and changed every time you go it there are new options to choose from, along with a variety of smoothies and pastries, they even offing a happy hour, something a lot of cafes don’t always offer. Supplying good hospitality and comfortable seating it’s a good home away from home to work on whatever you may need to. The size may be small but when the weather gets better their patio will open expanding the seating by nearly double.

This shop is also a good supporter of the community, with local artists work being featured on all their walls and even hosting live music performances despite their small space. Zen also parters with other local businesses like Magnolia flowers, Designer cookies among other. It’s first come first serve so hopefully you find a spot, but if not and it’s full, Zen Coffee company is conveniently placed right on Farnam in midtown so there are plenty of their options to choose from. Parking is pretty open and easy, which is surprising considering the small building and location.

You are always welcomed with kindness and compassion every time you walk in. The baristas are always happy to be there and enjoy their jobs. If you come in at the right time you can catch one of the owners behind the counter serving customers just showing the care and compassion, they have. Zen is a green certified, cozy home away from home that will welcome you with open arms every time you come in desiring a delicious hot drink.