Isle of Dogs review

Simon Bullerdick , staff writer

Wes Anderson returns to animation for the first time since his work on ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ in 2009 with this canine adventure story set in a fictional Japanese city. Anderson follows his same formula of witty humor, satisfying rich animation and original story telling. This story of abandoned mutts taking on a corrupt government to earn their way back into the arms of their owners really pulls your heartstrings and will make you want to go home ang give your dog a hug after watching.
Set “Before the age of obedience” it starts with a prologue of how cats became the dominant house pet in Japan, all dogs are exiled to trash island, where the defend for themselves and scavenge for whatever scraps and trash are dropped there. Ward to the mayor of Megasaki, who is blamed to be the cause of the exile, crashes his plane on trash island to find his lost dog. With a mitch match of different dogs they help the little boy find his dog, every frame, every shot of their adventure is captured beautifully. Never would you think with a setting like a giant island of garbage would look so clean and rich. Anderson not only tells a brilliant story but involves traditional Japanese culture with a soundtrack that alone could make you cry.