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The Fault in Our Curriculum

March 23, 2019

It is no secret that Education is very highly valued in our society, with a heavy emphasis on STEM classes. In a society always growing and improving alongside the constant advancement of technology, there is no doubt that Engineering, Science, Math, and of course Technology are vitally important to the growth and development of society.  

However why such classes, particularly higher-level math classes are prioritized over other subjects. The purpose of High school, is not only to further educate the youth in the society, but furthermore foster their growth and interests and to encourage them to be the best versions of themselves and to contribute to society as responsible citizens once their schooling is completed. 

Society claims that everyone is special, and all students have the potential for greatness. However, as a Student, if you are not good at math you are labeled “stupid”, “dumb”, or “lazy”. Math is important, that is true, but it is not the most important subject. Intelligence of entire population cannot be determined by an individual talent.  

Writing, History, Literature are classes/subjects that are deemed important by the school board as well, yet being bad at any or all of the three, or disliking them an anyway does not label someone stupid, because “it’s not their forte, they’re good at other things.” Academic intelligence is not the only type of intelligence.  

Society values Academics over individual talents/intelligence and creativity. All students are required to take these academic classes (whether they are inclined to them or not), including Physical Education in some cases, but Performing/visual Arts classes are strictly electives as only kids who are Artistically inclined are encouraged to take them. 

A student may not even realize they enjoy/are good at the arts because they have not been required to take an art/music class since elementary/middle school, and as a result go through school only taking the required classes, working really hard and still doing poorly, and spent their whole high school career thinking they’re stupid, when that might not be the case.  

Claiming that a particular subject is superior or more important than another “inferior” subject, tells the students that are good at the “important subjects”. Like math, that they are smarter/better than Students whose talents lie elsewhere. This method of thinking creates a toxic environment for students. 


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