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The Secret to Being Your Own Best Friend

March 23, 2019

Quote: “I always deserve the best treatment because I never put up with any other.”- Jane Austen 


While it is no secret that society has several flaws, it is regularly debated what the exact causation(s) for these flaws really is (are). Everybody has gotten too used to at pointing fingers, and blaming anything that moves, however one common concern is how citizens have or haven’t been treating the other members. 

Mosaic laws have greatly influenced America’s social and behavior expectations, one of the most important “common sense” laws being “Treat Others how you would like to be treated”. Which leads me to believe the real trouble lies in how the individual views themselves, and furthermore in what they believe they deserve/or don’t deserve.  

Jane Austen, one of the most successful female Authors of her time once said, “I always deserve the best treatment because I never put up with any other.” Austen was born in the wrong time, for she had many progressive opinions regarding what a women’s “duty” should be and how one should be regarded by society. Austen understood that if one were to demand the respect and equal treatment of her/his peers, one must first respect herself/himself. 

“Before you can truly love someone, you first must truly love yourself”, I am certain most have heard this frequently used cliché at some point of their lives, however it perfectly aligns with Austen’s sentiments. It might prove an impossible/or at least extremely difficult task to treat others with the utmost respect, or love someone completely while being at odds with one’s self.  

A strong sense of self is important, however even more crucial is a love for oneself, for it is possible to know who you are, but hate yourself because of it. If you think of yourself poorly, how can you expect anything different from anybody else? Besides acquaintances will come and go, opinions and people change, but you will always have yourself with you all of the time. 

Studies have shown that within 30 seconds of meeting someone, one has already formed a first opinion, sometimes without having heard a single word from said person. Body language, how you hold yourself and how you speak regarding yourself directly affects someone’s opinion towards you. 

 While it is true that “you’re your own worst enemy” I encourage you to consider also being your own best friend. Once you Love and believe in yourself, others will start to treat you better, as they, and you should. 

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