Top 5 springtime activities in Omaha

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

Hike at a State Park

  1. Around the Omaha metro, there are several state parks that offer many opportunities for people to experience the outdoors and have fun while doing so. These parks hold very scenic views to enjoy and nature to interact with. The springtime is a primal time for many to get out and get active again. Therefore, making a trip to a state park is perfect since one can make a day out of the experience and bring along friends or family. A very popular state park that many love is Mahoney State Park, which has hiking trails, horseback-riding, miniature golf and several other outdoor activities.


Farmer’s Market

  1. A classic Omaha tradition for many is visiting the Farmer’s Markets around parts of the city. These pop-up markets in the Old Market, Aksarben, etc. offer fresh foods from farm-fresh businesses for customers to buy. Other items like clothing, jewelry, dog treats, etc. are also sold. These markets have also added other elements that make it very family-friendly and a great place for a fun time. The Farmer’s Markets start to open in early May, which is the perfect time to feel the long-awaited sunny weather.


Lauritzen Gardens

  1. What is more spring than 100 acres of botanical gardens full of bright flowers and nature? At Lauritzen Gardens, one can be encapsulated by all things green and nature by walking through multiple exhibits of calming scenery that are open all year-round. This is much different than visiting any other museum, for Lauritzen Gardens is a “living” museum with unique and interesting displays. Lauritzen also offers educational opportunities in their displays as well as engaging hands-on classes.


Heartland of America Park

  1. For those who spend a lot of free time Downtown, the Heartland of America Park is a stunning place to go on a spring night. The park is known for its large fountain display located in the middle of the lake. It adds to the beautiful view of the Downtown Omaha skyline. The park itself is located right behind the Old Market, and has many exhibits to learn about Omaha’s history, as well as a pedestrian bridge leading to the Lewis and Clark landing sight. The fountain is set to open again on May 1, right in time for nicer weather and warmer nights.


Bike Rental in Aksarben

  1. Aksarben Village is a great place to spend the day in the upcoming spring months. The open atmosphere allows for one to get outside while going through daily life. Around the Aksarben area, there are several locations where one can rent a bicycle for the day and experience the area in a new way. Riding a bike with friends or family through the streets and parks of Omaha is a unique and interesting way to spend a spring day. Aksarben is a very popular place for bike riding due to the open sidewalks and scenery.