Aerobics teacher dedicates 20 years to teaching

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

At Central there are many teachers that have made lasting impacts on countless students’ years. Although one would not expect a PE teacher to have that same effect has a core subject teacher can. Ms. Studer, aerobics teacher, breaks that statement by saying she has done more one on one counseling than she would behind a desk.

Being a PE teacher for Ms. Studer means to help students achieve their goals and to be a support system for them along the way. A main part of a student reaching a physical goal is education on the workouts, body, and the right nutrition. Ms. Studer focuses on teaching important curriculum that will directly apply to the everyday workouts of the class and daily life.

Ms. Studer has very much dedicated herself to her physical fitness/health and makes the most out of every class, for the warm-up to putting equipment away. “I played sports all my life and enjoy being active,” Studer said.

This is Studer’s 21st year teaching at Central. “When I first came to Central, I took the previous Aerobics teacher’s spot. This was not my specialty at the time, so I had to teach myself by visiting gym facilities, videos, and clinics,” Studer said. It really was pure coincidence at Studer was placed in the Aerobics position, but it turned into something she loves.

It took Studer five years to become a full time PE teacher, and she has a variety of endorsements in other areas including adapted PE. “Teaching ACP PE is very rewarding. Many of the students look forward to working out and playing. They get really excited when they accomplish the simplest things that some of us take for granted,” Studer said. Studer is one of very few teachers to be endorsed in adapted PE.

Along with working the normal school day, Studer also gets involved in after school events. “In the fall I work football, volleyball, and softball. Winters I work basketball and swimming. I also have been on a variety of committees,” Studer said.

Studer believes that students have the misconception that Aerobics is all about dancing. “Aerobics is any activity that gets your head rate up for long periods of time. The class is designed to be an alternative for sports classes, with working out and learning a variety of skills,” Studer said.

Aerobics has a beginning class as well as an advanced class. Beginning aerobics is an introductory class to show students different ways to work out and different classes that they may see in a gym facility. Students learn proper techniques and get the opportunity to create their own workout. Studer said, “Students should take this if they want to learn how to kickbox, step, yoga, tone, spinning (biking), dance, and other fun aerobic type activities.”