Le Smash

April 21, 2019

Le Smash Omaha is a place where people can go to relieve stress, bond with each other, and make memories while having fun breaking provided (or personal) items. There are three different offered “smash packages” along with optional add-ons which allow a person to increase the intensity of their smash session.  Located in Bellevue at 4105 Harrison Street, Le Smash is just fifteen minutes away from Central. To schedule smash sessions, one can call the business’ phone number (402 915 4040) or contact them through their website www.lesmashomaha.com 


Safety waivers were required for participation in the smashing activities at the business and safety equipment was provided. The safety equipment distributed included long, heavy aprons; large face masks; and gloves. Although I was fine wearing a t-shirt, it is recommended that one should wear long sleeves and close-toed shoes when going to Le Smash. Once in the smashing room, there is minimal supervision for the destruction that a person does. While destroying the walls or other parts of the rooms is prohibited, throwing bottles and televisions against the brick wall in the room is encouraged. 


Weapons of destruction are provided, optional weapons include various sizes of crowbars, golf clubs, and baseball bats. It is fun to test all the different weapons while the items provided (or the add-ons) in the room. Picture-taking and videoing is allowed in the room, one thing I did was video portions of the smash session in slow motion. One admirable feature is the rooms’ blue tooth speakers which allow customers to listen to their own music while smashing away. 


In all smash sessions, each person is given twenty small items and one large item to destroy as a group. Small items are empty beer bottles and empty bottles from other types of booze, given to customers in separate crates. Generally, the “large item” is a TV for the individual (or individuals) to destroy solo or together. Written in multiple locations on the walls is the advice to “smash TV’s last.” My group decided to wait until the end to destroy the television and we found this to be smart advice because of the energy and time taken to demolish the item. 


Items are provided depending on which smash session a person chooses. The different smash sessions are the individual smash session, the demolition duo smash session, and the smash party. Pricing decreases as the number of people in the smash session increases, the maximum number of people allowed is fifteen, in the “smash party” package. For a single person, the business charges fifty dollars, for two people the cost is forty-five dollars a person, and for three to fifteen people, the cost is twenty-five dollars per person. I would recommend gathering a group of friends or family to do the “smash party” smash session to lower the price and maximize the fun. 


Le Smash is one of the city’s hidden gems because of its awesome atmosphere and gratifying activities. The employees are helpful and very laid back, while helping to ensure safety and giving recommendations to help increase the fun customers have in their smash sessions. Le Smash leaves its customers feeling powerful and allows customers to write about their experiences on the interior walls of the building. I would do this activity again and I would recommend it to anyone as a stress relieving activity or simply something fun to do when bored. 

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