Nebraska Wesleyan- Nicholas Krivanek

April 14, 2019

Central varsity football’s starting outside linebacker, Nicholas Krivanek, plans to continue to play football in college at Nebraska Wesleyan next year. Krivanek has played the sport for nine years, and during his time in high school, he has learned to stay dedicated and work through struggle. Coach Jay Landstrom admirably speaks of Krivanek saying, “He did everything we asked of him and I was happy that he played all four years of high school.” 

Entering high school, Krivanek remembers being very small in comparison to his fellow athletes, so he worked hard to improve himself. He struggled when Central’s team lost nine games in a row his first season playing with the school. Krivanek believes facing adversity helped him to become a better player and it helped the team to grow together. Landstrom comments on Krivanek’s football career, assuring, “He is an extremely hard worker, an intelligent student and he was a great kid to have on the team.” 

Some people do not define themselves as leaders, but they make sure to stay motivated and always do the right thing. Krivanek said that he often led by example, trying to do the right thing and continue to be positive. He found motivation during hard times with the inspirational story of Eric Berry. Berry was the defensive back for the Kansas City Chiefs who was diagnosed with leukemia. After a long process, the player recovered from his illness and began playing football again. “I am motivated by the feeling of success and unity after working with my team to win a game or score a touchdown,” Krivanek says, “But I am inspired to become better by athletes like Eric Berry.” 

Krivanek has a passion for sports and being involved in athletics, leading him to pursue a career path related to sports and athletics. In addition to his passion for sports, Krivanek is passionate about helping people and would like to incorporate this into his career. At Nebraska Wesleyan, Krivanek will study hard and hopes to graduate finding a job in athletic training. Speaking of his football-related plans after college, Krivanek discloses, “I’ll keep playing intramurally and for fun, but I’m not going to try to play professionally… It would be cool to work with football players as a trainer, though, because I like the environment.” 

Sports bring people together; a group of people working toward the same goal builds unbreakable bonds between teammates. While the team struggled, Krivanek pushed on. He recognizes that it takes a lot of heart to keep going. Each player must keep going to reach the team’s goals since without individual work, a team cannot expect to succeed. Krivanek advises, “If you want to play a college sport, start practicing now. Play your sport, play other sports- this will help you to become a better athlete. Don’t give up on your goals.” 


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