Road Show Preparation

April 30, 2019

The theme for this year’s Road Show was entitled “A Night at the Museum” which featured many different forms of musical talent. Acts in this year’s lineup included a quartet group, as well as all levels of students in the orchestra, band and the drama department. This production continued the Road Show’s 105-year history. 

There were three scheduled opportunities for both students and others in the community to come and support the drama department. 

 The first show took place on Friday April 5th at 7:00 p.m. There were also two showings on April 6th– with one at 2:00 p.m. and another at 7:00 p.m. Tickets for adults were priced at $10. While students (with their ID) were given the discounted price of $8 for each ticket. 

Staff and students in the drama department spent months and countless hours in preparation for the annual Road Show. On the first weekend of April, these students and staff members were able to display their talents and hard work on the Central stage. 

Senior Lydia Baum shared her personal role within this year’s Road Show along with the work behind the scenes. Although she was able to contribute her time to the Road Show by assisting and help with the technicalities, she states “I was the emcee! So, I basically helped lead everyone through the different acts.” 

 Everyone recognized the hard work and dedication of the performers, along with balancing other extracurricular activities and school work. However, many people forget to give credit and respect to the numerous individuals who spend as much time and dedication making sure the show flows smoothly. 

 Baum shared her personal techniques and routine when it comes to preparing for highly awaited performances such as the Road Show. There are time sacrifices that students both on and off the stage must make in order to help the organizational aspect of the show.  

Baum said, “I prepared a lot by working with my friend Rachel [the other emcee]. We spent a lot of time writing the script, taking notes, revising and rehearsing. As far as focus, it’s a mindset for me. I have to prioritize what’s the most important. For me, I take my school work seriously, so I have to spend time to make sure that I get my work done. Tech week is always stressful though. I spend a lot of time running lines and going over any blocking that I need for the show.” 

 She also explained the aspect and importance of tech week, as “it is the week of the show where everything comes together for the final time.” There were three scheduled opportunities for both students as well as those in the community to come and support the drama department. 

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