Top five classic summer movies

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

“The Sandlot”

  1. With baseball being America’s favorite pastime, “The Sandlot” is the perfect movie to add to this list. “The Sandlot” captures everything summer means to young kids who want to have fun. The story is set in the summer of 1962, with a group of neighborhood kids that stir up trouble regarding a prized baseball. The movie involves them working together to get it back, while enjoying the days of summer. Many can attest to the fact that “The Sandlot” is the story of rivalries, craziness and friendship, which are pretty stereotypical to summer in the best way. “The Sandlot” also contains some of the most memorable movie quotes such as, “You’re killing me, Smalls.”



  1. “Grease” is a great movie to watch in the summertime because it depicts the very sought-after summer romance that is always seen in movies. The idea of the perfect summer romance is usually never true, but watching it in a movie is close enough to the real thing. “Grease” also contains girl and guy split friend groups that gossip about each other, adding a layer of drama that everyone loves. “Grease” is able to give a glimpse into the time of milkshake diners and leather jackets that have become a staple to old-school summer.


“Camp Rock”

  1. As the most modern movie on the list, “Camp Rock” is a throwback summer Disney movie that many love. It is a funny, feel-good movie that follows a pop star trying to discover the face behind a singing kitchen worker. Going to summer camp is a very common theme in a lot of peoples’ summer vacations, so watching a movie about it can’t get closer to summer. With stars such as Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers, watching “Camp Rock” is a look back on the older days of Disney that many loved as kids.


“Stand by me”

  1. “Stand by me” is a movie that shows the journey of four friends that get into some serious trouble while on the hunt for a dead body. It shows how each character changes in their own ways while being heavily entertaining. A prevalent theme throughout the movie is friendship, as the four boys put much trust in each other when coming across dangerous obstacles. “Stand by me” is also one of those movies where many quotes become famous and very well-known. The dialogue is hilarious, filled with several NSFW jokes.



  1. This list would not be complete without the all-time summer classic, “Jaws.” “Jaws” is the story of human vs. nature as a killer shark invades a beach resort. Although many have seen “Jaws” countless times, it continues to reign as a top thrilling drama. “Jaws” has a very detailed plot and is mainly focused on storytelling, with saying it is in a genre of its own.