Lighthouse Pizza Review

May 8, 2019

Pizza is a universal favorite amongst consumers. In Omaha there’s tons of different pizza spots around the city. But one place stands out from the others in regards of quality and size.
Lighthouse Pizza is notorious for their large pizza slices, unique toppings, and piled high toppings. They have a variety of option available on their menu including vegetarian options as well. Their unique toppings and pizzas is what differentiates Lighthouse from other pizza spots in the city, some of their specialty pizza’s include mac and cheese, Thai chicken, and buffalo chicken. The size of the slices also makes Lighthouse pizza much more memorable. A person can buy either a 9-inch slice or a whole pizza, the 9-inch slice is about two pizza slices put together. The best part would have to be the super fries, they have beef and bleu fries as well as tiger fries which has roast chicken, bleu cheese crumbles, cheddar jack cheese sauce, buffalo seasoning, buffalo aioli drizzle.
Lighthouse pizza is quite inexpensive compared to the quality of the pizza and the portion sizes. A slice of pizza is priced at $6.38, while a whole pizza being $22.79. Quite a steal for what you’re paying.
Lighthouse Pizza has two locations, one of 74th and pacific and another downtown location in the capital district. Parking in the downtown location can be difficult and irritating at times. The facility themselves are quite small and usually always packed. They’re open Sunday through Thursday, 11 am to 10 pm. Friday and Saturday they’re open 11am to 3 am. The drive thru is open late for all the people who crave a late night snack.
The atmosphere at lighthouse pizza is fun and friendly. A perfect place to take the family out for dinner or to hang out with your friends. It’s a very casual spot and usually has an average noise level. There’s something for everyone to enjoy there.

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