Positives and negatives: job as teenager

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

When it comes to having a job as a teenager in high school, there are struggles accompanied with the exciting time. I know many teens, myself included, that have a difficult time finding the right balance between school, work and personal life.
One positive side to having a job at a young age is being able to acquire real world experience. Receiving a paycheck and seeing thirty dollars taken off for taxes makes you realize how life after high school really is. It also allows one to build their resume so that when he or she applies for a more serious job, they appear well-rounded and responsible.
Of course, the main reason for a teen to get a job is the money. A little extra cash in one’s pocket doesn’t hurt especially when you don’t quite have the burden of paying bills yet. Many high schoolers utilize their paychecks for gas money, new clothes/shoes, food or any other extra wants. This again gives the teen a feeling of responsibility and work ethic to be able to purchase items on their own. It also shows teens ways to be smart with money and how important it is to save.
Life can get overwhelming, so many cons exist when it comes to working in high school. If the student is enrolled in higher level classes while working several nights a week, time for homework becomes very limited. It is very easy to get caught up with the idea of making money and putting schoolwork on the back burner. Many will get over-stressed and end up slacking in both areas.
Along with taking time away from school, work can also take away the part of high school that students enjoy most: hanging out with friends. For my work, and probably many others, I’m scheduled on weekends during the time others usually take off to relax and recuperate for the next week. Working on weekends takes away the opportunity to enjoy the little time one has left of being carefree.
Although work introduces students to what the real world is like, it can sometimes be at too fast of a pace.