Avoli Osteria

Dillon Galloway

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Looking to experience a traditional Italian restaurant? Go to Avoli Osteria.  Not only does it serve traditional dishes, it also has an interior appearance of a small villa. Located on Underwood Ave in-between Dundee Dell and Dundee bank, it won’t be hard to spot. 

At first glance it looks like a typical restaurant, but with an outdoor eating area. The closer that you get though, you can notice all the greenery located on the patio along with the lightbulbs dangling above. It is quite a spectacle to see at night as it lights up among the other businesses.  

Walking into the restaurant, there many dazzling sights. Above the tables dangling are dozens of chandeliers along with a sit-down bar with an array of wine bottles and wine glasses hanging above. The most breathtaking prop is the giant wine glass that haold wine corks stuffed inside.  Along the walls are pictures of an Italian countrysideThese surroundings give off a surreal taste of Italy.  

Most, if not all dishes, are traditionally ItalianThe foods range from pasta dishes like gnocchi to the bistecca dry aged steakThe menu also offers a handful hearty appetizers, such as the meatballs 

On the back of the menu is a backstory to the restaurant. Owners Amy and Dario Schicke based the appearance of the restaurant after styles one might find in Northern Italy. The Name Avoli came from both of their daughters’ names, Central students Ava and Olivia Schicke. What is even more interesting is that they import their food from Italy, along with Nebraska and Iowa. All the food is also being made from scratch making the meals extra special.  

One of the best appetizers is the Meatballs. Topped with grated parmesan and zesty marinara sauce, it gives the meatball a dark roasted taste.  

A recommended platter is the gnocchi. It had a rich creamy texture and was so soft biting into. If you have ever tried mac and cheese, this is ten times better.  

If one isn’t a huge pasta fan, no worries, there is the bistecca. It is a quite tender steak seasoned lightly, but still gives that great steak taste most have in Nebraska. 

Overall the service at Avoli Osteria is unlike many others. The waiters are not only nicely dressed, but also quite polite. When asked about the food, they genuinely know how it tastes and give honest opinions. Avoli’s should be your next stop for dinner.