Teaching becoming fully computerized in future

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

Now more than ever, new and higher paying job positions are offered that did not even exist a few years ago. Many people aspire to have a job like this that is new and exciting. However, when it comes to the education field, fewer and fewer people are choosing this path. This could either put a hinder on society or force it to evolve.
The main reason that the teaching profession is being looked down upon is the pay situation. Most know that for the work that teachers put in, they are payed below average. This does not add up, for the only way that employees can achieve higher paying jobs is through education. Those surgeons and doctors learn their practices from teachers.
The fact that teaching is a lesser paying career is also affecting the next generation of educators. If less people choose to become teachers, would it be possible that teaching becomes electronic? Would it no longer require a real person? This is a realistic situation because it has happened in the past before. Humans have witnessed the creation of artificial intelligence and know its capabilities. It is not so far-fetched for a robot or system of some sort to teach school-like lessons.
If in the future teaching became solely through a computer, a career that has been around since one can remember would cease to exist. This would create a lot of controversy, for a system online would not be able to educate students like a person in real life can. It is scientifically proven that one learns better when hearing the information in person rather than just reading it on a screen; students’ knowledge may be limited when learning online only.
Having future generations of less knowledgeable people can lead to many consequences. If one is not taught certain life skills or lessons that students learn daily from real teachers, there are several things that could go wrong in the government, economy or really any part of society.
Even though the ability to utilize technology for so many things is advancing society, sometimes it can go too far. Education is one part of life that has been around since the beginning and has always been successful. As the popular phrase says, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”