The unimportance of school dances

Sophia Sgourakis, Staff Writer

Throughout high school, there is a chance of going to 12 school dances: homecoming, winter formal and prom each year for four years. To some, this may sound appealing and maybe even the best part of high school. But for me, the thought of going to 12 school dances wears me out.

The first problem with school dances is the expensive price of tickets. Except for winter formal at Central, the other dances are held in the gymnasium. It seems as if tickets are expensive for no reason other than paying for the DJ. Other than that, what else does the school need our money for? Tickets are sold for up to $20 just for a couple hours of dancing in a sweaty and hot mosh of people. I would be more willing to pay that much if I was getting something in return such as drinks or any snacks. Many other schools such as Millard North, give away a homecoming themed t-shirt to everyone with the purchase of a homecoming ticket.

Another problem is the cost that comes from everything outside of the ticket. For girls, everyone strives to have a new dress for every dance. If you make it to every dance, that is 12 dresses, which we all know can get expensive. But we aren’t just done there. There’s still hair and nail appointments, shoes, accessories and potentially buying a corsage or boutonnière. For boys, I know there is at least a purchase every year for a new tie or bowtie. Other than that, I am not fully aware of the prep boys go through before school dances. And I know for everyone, there is dinner that needs to be paid for regardless.

One of the biggest issues with school dances is the pressure that comes with. To be more specific, the pressure to have a date. I feel as if everyone wants a date to simply have one. And of course, for the corsage and boutonnière. Once a dance is on the radar, I know many girls that are freaking out over a date. It’s as if it has not become okay to just go with your girlfriends. Girls start to believe that they need a date, which is just not the case. For the mostly everyone, dates are left behind once you get into the actual dance, so what is the point?

Lastly, planning to go to a school dance requires too much stress that is not needed. Don’t have a dress? Stress. Don’t have a group to go to pictures and dinner with? Stress. Don’t have a date? Stress. Don’t have anything fun to do after? Stress. Don’t even like dances but you feel obligated to attend? STRESS.

Throughout your high school years, there are more important things to stress over, such as simply graduating and getting into a college. Teenagers do not deserve even more stress from a night that lasts for only four hours. Therefore, if you feel like a dance isn’t necessary to attend, you are probably right.