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Why your cute, little house plants are good for you

October 8, 2019

     Looking for a cute aesthetic with amazing health benefits? Try house plants! House plants have been used as small add-ins to a room, but they aren’t just adorable decorations. They’ve been proven to improve numerous aspects of your life. This includes improved stress and fatigue levels, faster medical recovery, longer attention span, better work ethic and better air quality. Houseplants should not only be regarded as a way to brighten your home, but as a way to live a better, happier life. 

               Indoor plants improve air quality in your home by absorbing carbon dioxide and converting it into oxygen, thus cleaning the air. Aloe plants, Rubber Tree, Peace Lily, Snake Plants, Bamboo Palms, Philodendron, Red-Edged Dracaena and the Golden Pothos are all beneficial plants to have when looking to improve air quality and reduce stress levels. NASA has even been known to have some of these plants at the International Space Station to maintain healthy air. 

            Plants are big allies when it comes to fighting illness. Indoor plants increase humidity levels in the household which is helpful in drier months. Higher absolute humidity may also prevent the spread of the flu. Healthy plants reduce your chances of developing a dry cough, sore throat and cold.  

          House and office plants also improve work ethic and your general mood. Many phycologists and articles suggest that having plants in your environment leads to a reduction in negative moods, a better emotional state, reduced distraction, increased creativity and better task performance. Scientific American also states that natural flora and fauna help one’s ability to keep their attention directed. In other words, people are able to stay focused on one task. 

          Indoor plants have been connected to health benefits. The U.S. National Library of Medicine posted a study about 90 patients recovering from hemorrhoidectomies. When placed in rooms with plants, patients had lower blood pressure, less pain and decreased anxiety versus those not exposed to plants. Plants have been referred to as a type of medicine, and health administrators have been called to consider the health benefits plants present. 

           While plants in your home, office or bedroom can create a beautiful atmosphere, plants have many outstanding qualities aside from their appealing appearance. Plants reduce stress, improve productivity, prevent illness, help our bodies heal and make people all around happier. The many health benefits of plants and the positive role they play in our lives need to be considered further than they have been thus far 

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