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Food for thought

October 8, 2019

Mangia Italiana offers an authentic Italian experience that gives you a taste of Italy. While many of the dishes that the menu offers can be instantly recognizable to any other Italian restaurant around Omaha, what sets this local restaurant apart in particular is the familyowned recipes that the food is centralized around. Homemade recipes are not hard to come by, but when it comes to the broad expansive flavors that Italian cuisine provides, anything that catches the attention of one’s taste buds is wellcrafted. 

The overall size of the restaurant is nothing to write home about when compared to much larger Italian restaurants, especially the dining room; customers usually use the takeout option. However, the smaller atmosphere that only a family operated dining experience can provide to such a degree results in quick service with reasonable prices. All adult meals were enough for two servings, allowing for customers to take food home. 

Located in Northwest Omaha, right off the Irvington exit and I-680, Mangia Italiana is small, so get there early. It’s well off the exit…but worth finding.  

As for food, made from scratch sauces and soups, the gumbo minestrone is hearty and perfectly flavored. Their lasagna is hot from the oven and layered with their sweet “sugo” pasta sauce. 

The service, in general, was friendly and catered as well as could be expected, however, they do not have wait staff during the week, so you order, get your initial items yourself (drinks, apps, utensils, etc.) and bring them to the table. The only drawback is the limited seating.  

Ultimately, the food comes from generations of handed down recipes and could be recommended to anybody looking for something different out of their typical dining experience. 


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