Review: “The Mind: Explained”

Mackenzie Coughlin, Staff Writer

  “The Mind: Explained” is a new limited series released on Netflix in September 2019 that explores five different specific topics involving the brain: memory, dreams, anxiety, mindfulness and psychedelics. The series is recommended to watch in any order based on the viewer’s interests or preferences.  

Many would find interest in this series because it discusses topics that most deal with daily. For example, everyone has dreams and memories, but do not understand or know the technicalities that go into creating those images inside the mind.  

“The Mind: Explained” will be beneficial because it can spark an interest in something quite informational and important: the brain. The series does a great job at displaying the information in an interesting way for the viewer to understand. Most of the time, the brain works to protect, but other times it plays tricks.  

In the episode about memories, it states how a prominent memory engraved in everyone’s mind is 9/11. The narrator, Emma Stone, explains how many people can describe the exact moment when they heard the news, however, she goes on to say that most peoples’ recollections of the time are not always accurate. Statements such as this one in the series get the viewer to think about their personal experiences and relate each episode to themselves.   

Many other brain actions are discussed throughout the five episodes that will allow all viewers to open their minds and learn something new. The layouts of the episodes are unique and engaging. Each episode, although having completely different topics, still all tie together through the editing style and overall appearance. The graphics were very detailed with many informative graphs and pictures to go along with the main idea of the episode 

In “The Mind: Explained” one can watch and learn about several other fascinating topics about the brain that can directly connect to them and their daily life. Anyone interested in the functions of the mind and how humans think should give the insightful series a watch on Netflix.