Tired Texan Review

October 16, 2019

Tired Texan is a barbecue restaurant located on 108th and L street. It is known for its barbecue sauce and their famous dessert, banana pudding.  


The menu is small, but it has a variety of barbecue options that include specialty items for different diets. Additional sections include appetizers, sandwiches, from the smoker and desserts.  

Right away, the waiter brought an appetizer called Texas tumbleweeds. The Texas tumbleweeds are deepfried morsels of potato, bacon and cheddar cheese. They have good flavor but were served super cold.  


For the entrée, I ordered the Roadrunner from the sandwich section, which is a breaded fried chicken breast with barbecue sauce and American cheese. The sandwich was amazing, from the sweet barbecue to the perfectly cooked chicken. For a side, I ordered the baked mac and cheese, which was super creamy and delicious. Lastly, for dessert, I ordered what the waiter said was their most popular dish: the banana pudding. This was the best thing I ate all night.It was super sweet and had a strong flavor, it’s worth trying.  


The atmosphere was very welcoming and countrylike. During lunch or dinner time, its somewhere to would take your family. The whole restaurant was super clean and looked like it had just been remodel. It has a very modern design, but still feels like an old country home. They play old country classics, which works well with the atmosphere of the restaurant.  


The quality of food was good. I wouldn’t say it’s the best barbecue in Omaha, but it’s worth trying. The banana pudding is something I would go back and order again and again. The price was also super affordable, and its somewhere you would want to bring your family.  


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