How to avoid ever-increasing concert ticket prices

October 29, 2019

The CHI Heath Center is home to many concerts held here in Omaha. Soon, Omaha will welcome Phil Collins, Nelly, Pattie LaBelle, the Jonas Brothers, Blue October, Jason Aldean, Billie Eilish and so much more. With so many people anticipating a seat to watch their favorite musicians perform, buying a ticket can be quite competitive. From 2011 to 2017, concert prices have been quite stable, according to However, from 2017 to 2018, the average concert ticket price sharply rose from $84.63 to $94.31.
In Omaha, there are several different venues where concerts are held. Based on their popularity and size, their ticket prices may vary. For example, tickets for upcoming concerts at the Waiting Room cost anywhere from $10 to $120. Tickets for upcoming concerts at Slowdown cost anywhere from $10 to $250. On the other hand, a ticket for The Jonas Brothers’ upcoming concert at the CHI Health Center can cost up to almost $500.
Ticket prices also depend on where the seat is located. Typically, seats at the front of the stage are the most expensive, while seats in the back or others furthest away from the stage tend to be the least expensive. So why are concert tickets so expensive in the first place? And why do people keep buying tickets if they are that expensive?
Much of this has to do with breaking even between paying for a concert production and profits from tickets. In order to satisfy the audience, these concerts have become more flashy, bold, extravagant and unforgettable as ever. This in turn means that holding a concert has become more expensive than ever. For artists to still make a profit, ticket prices are forced to go up as production prices go up.
It also comes down to how many people are willing to go to the concert and how many seats are available. For example, with over 400,000 people in Omaha, what if 75,000 people wanted to see a popular musician at the CHI Health Center? The seating capacity for a concert stage here is 18,975 people, so that means nearly over 50,000 people would not be able to attend. Because of this, there would be a lot of competition for seats. People selling the tickets recognize this, and to reduce this competition, ticket prices would have to increase. When ticket prices are higher, there would be fewer people who are willing to buy one, thus reducing competition in theory.
Despite it being less convenient to gain a coveted spot to see a favorite act, there are loopholes around this issue. Going to venues that are smaller and less popular will make ticket prices go down significantly because there is less competition and novelty in buying a ticket. Places such as the Waiting Room, Sokol Auditorium and Slowdown are places in Omaha that hold concerts without the massive expenses. Other useful tips include considering what seats are available, avoiding possible scams and investing in possible deals and packages that give the devoted concertgoer a better steal.
Raising concert tickets are not only inconvenient, but also inevitable. Being smart about seeing a favorite act can give people an unforgettable experience without an unforgettable expense.

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